Peştemal Info and Care

The peştemal...
A Peştemal (Hammam Towel) is a flat-woven piece of material that is traditionally used as a Turkish bath towel. These classic pieces are loomed from 100% pure cottons, linens or silks. They are designed to be used daily and get softer and more absorbent with each wash. The perfect year round towel, these dry very quickly meaning that they need to be laundered less often.  

Not just a towel? How do I use a peştemal?
In addition to everyday use, the flat-woven peştemals make wonderful travel, sports, sauna, gym, boat and beach towels. They pack light and stay light when wet and dry in a flash. At the beach, they do not catch sand and look beautifully simple and chic.

The best part about flat-wovenpeştemal though, is their versatility. They can be 

  • sarong
  • scarves
  • table cloths
  • plane snuggle
  • curtains
  • blankets
  • chair throws 
  • bed throw
  • beach towel

They are beautiful textiles limited only by your imagination.


How do I care for my peştemal?
Before use, you should soak your peştemal in cold water for 4-6 hours or overnight before washing in warm water and drying. We recommend gentle machine washing (40 degrees) and then line/rack drying, try not to mix the wash with items that have a zip or hooks as they might tangle in the tassels. This process of pre-washing helps speed up the absorbency of the cotton and softens the towels for use. 

The short version : Lay off the heat, the soap and the softener.

Towels may get hard after washing if they build up soapy residue and are over-dried.  The good news is that with a few simple tricks, you can restore your towels to their original softness and help ensure that they never go scratchy again.

Use warm water. When you raise the water temperature just a bit (around body temperature is best), detergent will dissolve much better, leaving your towels virtually residue-free.

Go easy on the detergent. Another way to reduce the threat of residue is to cut back on the detergent you pour in. Most detergents will get your towels just as clean with less than the recommended amount, but won’t leave your towels hard after washing. So dial it back and find the ratio that works for you.

If you must, try a little vinegar + baking soda for brighting the colours and removing stains.  If you rub the stains before washing, most will come out quite easily.

Fabric softeners contain silicon that makes towels water repellent, so they won’t get as good a wash.  You should never use a fabric softner with 100% cotton towels.  A more natural approach to softening towels is pouring one cup of white vinegar to your load every six weeks or so. You can also mix half a cup of baking soda with your normal amount of detergent, to loosen up fibers and clean off any chemicals or grime.

Ease off on the tumble drying. Tumble drying might seem like a good idea, but too much heat can damage the integrity of cotton, making your towels hard. Try a lower setting, or alternate between air drying and tumble drying. If you prefer line drying, shake the towels out afterwards to fluff them up, or throw them in the dryer on a cool setting for additional softness.

All of the above advice is valid for 100% cotton towels. If you are using synthetics and wish to switch or if you are using 100% cotton and would like more, visit the huge selection available at