Custom Embroidery


Why choose to embroider your Turkish towel? Our team will go the extra mile to provide you the service, prices, and quality that you will love. We can offer essentially any design, logo or text embroidered for any Turkish towel of your choosing.

With the Embroidery of text, we have provided you with suggestions of 12 thread colors and 10 English and 7 Chinese font based on our previous experience, but feel free to change the thread color and font that suite your taste.


Embroidery Examples

With the capabilities of embroidery of Teresa's Turkish towels being so wide, we can cater to the needs of anyone. There isn't an order too large or too small that we can accommodate for! Popular requests include:

  • birthday presents
  • fathers day and mothers day presents
  • team towels
  • baby blankets
  • dog towels
  • boat towels
  • Goodbye Hong Kong towels and more.



Our Embroidery Process

Let us show you how we can deliver best and highest quality results and why we get such amazing reviews.

Step one: Submit the logo or the design of the customers choosing, as well as the choice of Turkish Towel.

Step two: We will take the customers design, digitalize it, and figure out the best way to embroider it on the Turkish Towel.

Step three: We send a copy of the final design to the customer make sure that the customer is 100% satisfied before proceeding.

Step four: The design is sent off to the embroidery team to embroider with quality control and care.

Step five: Once the embroidered towel has gone through a procedure of quality assurance, it will either be available for pickup in our office in Wan Chai or delivered right to the customers' door

Step six: the customer receives their towel and is so pleased with the result they recommend it to everyone they know and share their wonderful experience on Facebook and Instagram!


How long does my customer embroidery towel take to deliver?

We can guarantee to have your towel delivered within 7 business days, one of the quickest turnovers in the industry. However, if you have specific time constraints, we can accommodate to strict deadlines!

How big can my designs be?

Teresa's Turkish Towels can accommodate virtually any size requested by the customer, the possibilities are endless.

Where will the embroidery be on the towel, robe or poncho?

Again, location is totally customizable by the request of the customer. For robes and ponchos, it is most popular to request the embroidery on the chest and on the back.

How do I show you what I want on my towels, robe or poncho?

Thats simple, just send in your logo or design to our email address: 

How do I care for my embroidered Turkish Towel?

To preserve the color and quality of your custom Turkish towel, you would treat it the same you would a Turkish towel. We recommend washing the fabric in cold water and hanging to dry. For more information on how to treat your Turkish Towel, click here.